Naltrexone for the treatment of Alcohol Dependence or Excessive Alcohol use

The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Use Disorders is an evidence-based treatment for problematic drinking developed by Dr. John D. Sinclair.

-Reduce your alcohol use

-Undergo targeted Pharmacological extinction without the need for inpatient detoxification (if patient is an appropriate candidate (candidacy dependent upon baseline lab work for Liver function-some patients may not be eligible for the Naltrexone Sinclair Method)

-Complete abstinence from alcohol not required

-The Sinclair Method allows you to continue drinking alcohol at the beginning of treatment.

-Treatment protocol success depends on the continued consumption of alcohol with targeted Naltrexone dosing.

How the Sinclair Method has been proven with high success to work: Naltrexone is taken approximately one hour prior to drinking, causing a blockade of endorphin release (naturally occurring opiates in the brain that are released when alcohol is consumed.) When endorphins are blocked, there is no “buzz” or rewarding experience, thus lowering the pleasure that can cause excessive drinking of alcohol.

In time (3- 9 months typically) your brain re-wires and no longer associates alcohol with pleasure, resulting in reduced cravings, a slow weaning of the amount of alcohol used and improved control over alcohol use or total cessation. No meetings, no chips, or higher powers with the Sinclair Method, but some types of counseling and coaching are recommended for success assurance.

Consumption of alcohol logging is required and will be reported to a Counselor of Prescriber to track treatment progress.


• 1994 FDA-approval for the treatment of Alcohol Dependence

• Well tolerated with few side-effects

• Covered by most prescription insurance plans

• Not habit-forming (Note patients that are on an opioid based medication will also not be a candidate for the Sinclair Method if they have opioid products withing their bodily systems.)