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We are a behavioral health services organization designed for those who need:

Flexible scheduling after normal hours and weekend scheduling

Ultimate privacy from your home or personal space

Intensive Individual Outpatient Addictions Therapy (IIOP)(Individual Brief-Focused Therapy sessions, Relapse prevention education and homework- Certificate of completion for Court, Child Services, etc.)

Parenting Classes (Court-ordered, and Co-Parenting-Certificate of completion for Court, Child Services, etc.)

Life Skills Classes(Certificate of completion for Court, Child Services, etc.)

Anger Management (Certificate of completion for Court, Child Services, etc.)

Medication Assited Treatment (Non-controlled substances, Vivitrol, Naltrexone, Acamprosate Calcium, and Antabuse)

Alcohol Reduction and Cessation Specialists through Pharmocological Extinction using the Sinclair Method for undesired -level alcohol consumption and alcoholism without the need to stop alcohol consumption and immedicate alcohol detoxification with an FDA-approved oral medication. (all can take place from the privacy of your own home and without work or everyday life disruptions, or inpatient detoxification for appropriate candidates).

(For higher level need clients post Psychiatric Intake / Cosultation access to a collaborating Third-Party Kentucky-based Tele-health Suboxone provider is available- Note : Suboxone Prescriber fees are separate and paid directly to the Third-party)

Behavioral Health Medication Management (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Nightmares, Schizophrenia, etc. (Non-controlled substances)

ADHD/ADD Medication Management (Non-controlled substances)

"Assistance Animal" / Emotional Support Animal Assessments for Housing and TSA prescription letters and treatment plans (for qualified clients provided by a mental health provider who is authorized via license by both the state of Kentucky and the Federal Social Security Administration for the assignment of Social Security Administration disabilities that qualify individuals for legal disability).

Behavioral Health Therapy/ Diagnosis assignment

We work for you and your specific needs. We are family-owned and operated her in Kentucky.